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Let me know what you find out when you can. I appreciate your work in helping us rectify this. It is a pleasure working with you.


Will always go to your sessions mate. Bloody awesome. I now have my offline app syncing via the FM Data API thanks to you.


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Convert a FileMaker layout to a Doctrine entity

We do a lot of work integrating FileMaker into web applications. All of our new projects use the Symfony framework for this, and as a consequence the Doctrine DBAL / ORM. We’ve written Doctrine drivers for both the PHP API and the Data API which makes development much quicker (and swapping clients from one to […]

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CWP User group meet up at FileMaker DevCon

As has become the norm at FileMaker DevCon Joel Shapiro of JSFmp organised a meet-up of users who are integrating FileMaker with external systems. Many of those who attend are using CWP to build FileMaker-backed web applications, but there are also plenty of people working on other integrations as well. Recently we had a client […]

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Cross Origin support for the FileMaker Data API

If you want to be able to access the FileMaker Data API directly from JavaScript running in a client browser you’ll need to set additional headers to support CORS (Cross Origin Request Sharing). Think carefully about how you configure this, since you may not want to open your FMS to all locations, so consider what […]

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Running Symfony under FileMaker server on OS X

We’ve been doing increasingly more work recently using Symfony as the framework for our CWP solutions – any new projects we start are definitely being built that way (to make this simple we’ve been working on a Doctrine Driver for FileMaker which may be of interest to you). One of the things that needs to […]

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