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Let me know what you find out when you can. I appreciate your work in helping us rectify this. It is a pleasure working with you.


Will always go to your sessions mate. Bloody awesome. I now have my offline app syncing via the FM Data API thanks to you.


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Creating a private Github repository

Generally for my longterm clients I host all of the source code of their projects on my own git server. Recently I’ve started working with a couple of organisations on projects where for a variety of reasons it’s better if the source code is ‘somewhere else’. The most obvious ‘somewhere else’ is Github, and after […]

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Sharing content via the web from FileMaker

I was asked yesterday by a colleague for ideas on how to allow FileMaker server to manage content which could be shared publicly using its built-in web server. We chatted about the possibility of writing content into the web root folder, but that would have meant using a plugin and being confronted with security issues […]

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Basic authentication with FileMaker Insert from URL

We received an email this morning asking for some assistance with cURL for FileMaker. Paraphrased they were asking I am trying to get the results of a webpage using INSERT FROM URL into a text field, but the web developer has set the site to require a username / password via basic http authentication. They […]

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Introduction to the FileMaker Data API – Scandanavia DevCon

Director Steve Winter presented his session title ‘Explore cURL for FileMaker’ at the Scandanavia FileMaker Developer Conference in Helsingør, Denmark. Summary Accessing data through REST is the current best-practice for data sharing. That’s not always been easy with FileMaker. Until now! In version 16 FileMaker introduced the FileMaker REST API which allows far easier integration […]

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